Review Policies

Should any authors wish for me to review their work the following applies:


  1. All requests can be sent to me via email at whyicantstopreading(at)gmail(dot)com.  I reserve the right to decline any offers I do not wish to take up. Please include a title, cover (if available) and short blurb of the book in your request.
  2. I commit to having the review up within 4 weeks after submission of the book. Should you require it to be sooner arrangements can be made depending on my schedule.
  3. All my reviews are my honest opinion of the book.
  4. I do not take payment, nor is payment required for any of my reviews.
  5. Should I not enjoy your book I WILL give my honest opinion, however I will be fair in all reviews.
  6. Should I not finish your book I will not post a review.
  7. Notes are made as I read, should you require them I will gladly forward them to you.
  8. I prefer e copies of your book in .epub or pdf format. I will accept hard copies but please note that I do live in South Africa.
  9. All reviews will be published on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, & Goodreads.


I am also available for book tours and interviews with authors.


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