Rating System

My Rating System:

5 worms

5 Bookworms: I really loved it. I wanted to marry it and have its babies. I will tell all my friends about it.4 worms

4 Bookworms: It was good. I would recommend it to people that enjoy the same genre. There is just this little something that whispers and bothers.3 worms

3 Bookworms: It was okay. Some issues with the book. I would recommend it – with a warning label. It has potential though.2 worms

2 Bookworms: This is not a rating you would see often. It would take a lot for me to not like a book. Should I wander into the realm of non-fiction or auto biographies this is probably what you would see. Big plot issues and lousy writing.1 worm

1 Bookworm: I have only very, very rarely given a book a rating of 1. This is generally for books that I had a really issue finishing. There would be nothing good about it.

Now you might notice that I have some ½’s flying around. This is probably because it was almost good enough to obtain the next one but just couldn’t make it there.


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