Jamie Marchant Author of Goddess’ Choice



This time around I though we could try a little something different and see what one of the characters are like. Hence my very first Character Interview.

Welcome Robbie!

Let’s start with the easy ones:

1.                  What is your favourite foods?

To eat, anything sweet. Cakes, pies, jams, jellies. And to drink, bhat. It’s a special beverage made from roasted beans and sweet cream. But the way, I hate tea, especially Mistress Myst’s.

2.                  What is your earliest memory?

The first thing I remember was laying in the grass talking to a rattlesnake. It had recently eaten a mouse and was very pleased with itself. My father saw me and the snake, killed it with a shovel, and beat me for being careless. But the snake would never have hurt me. No animal would. It’s only humans I have trouble with.

3.                  When did you first realise you can communicate with animals?

I’ve always known it. Like I said above, my earliest memories are all about talking with animals.

4.                  Which horse is your favourite? Brazen, Fancy Man or Holy Writ?

Definitely, Fancy Man.  He has an arrogance and sense of humor that make me laugh. Brazen is too bossy and keeps repeating herself, and Holy Writ is expects too much of me. She actually wants me to forgive my father and even the priest, Father Gildas, who wanted to expose me at birth.

5.                  What is your favourite feature on Milady?

Her hair. It’s beautiful and long and smells like cinnamon. Or maybe her freckles. They dot her nose and make her seem less intimidating.

I do this for all the authors that come through here so I thought we could try it with you too. Hope you don’t mind milord. Some word association:

1.                  Herbs              Healing

2.                  Fish Dinner

3.                  Paper              Stupidity (I can’t read or write.)

4.                  Black               Demon

5.                  Ocean’s          Mysterious (I’ve never seen it.)

And lastly some of the tougher questions:

 1.                  If you could say anything to your creator (Jamie) what would it be?

Why did you have to make my life so hard? Couldn’t you have given me a break?

2.                  When you found out who Milady really was what was the first thing you wanted to do?

Hide. How could I have thought she actually cared about me? For Sulis’s sake, she’s the crown princess.

3.                  What exactly made you decide to change your name from Robbie to Robrek.

Robbie is a child’s name, and when I realized I could defend myself and I accepted that I wasn’t a demon, I knew I wasn’t a child anymore. Besides, it’s the name my mother gave me.

4.                  If your uncle had passed away while captured, would you have done anything differently. If so what?

If Uncle Slathek had been killed by Argblutal, I don’t know what I would have done. It probably would have shattered by forgiveness and caused me to go after Argblutal. That may have been a very bad thing and ended up getting me killed or exhausted me to the point I couldn’t climb Gloine Torr. All in all, it’s a good thing I was able to rescue him.

5.                  What do you think would have happened to your brother, should you two have had a different relationship?

Do you mean if we had gotten along? He would have had to have been a very different type of person. A brother I got along with would never have sold out his own people to Count Nola. I may have taken him into the secret of the horses, and he might have gone with me to Gloine Torr.

 Well that’s it. Thanks for dropping in Sir Robrek. It was an honour meeting you. 


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