Brandy Nacole – Author of The Shadow World Series

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Author Bio

Brandy Nacole resides in Arkansas where her imagination runs wild.  Her obsession is reading but her passion is writing.  She put her dream of becoming a writer on the back burner and went to college to become a psychologist.  Three years after endless classes in a field she only felt half satisfied with, Brandy picked up her pen once again and wrote the outline to Uniquely Unwelcome.  She finished out her degree in psychology but traded her dream of writing for the degree and put psychology on the back burner.  Whenever she’s not reading or writing, Brandy is spending time with her family and friends, throwing around crazy ideas, and laughing through the crazy moments. 



Welcome Brandy, to Why I Can’t Stop Reading. Thank you so much for joining us.

 Let’s start off with some easy ones shall we?

  • Where would you go in a time machine?

Fun question! Also a tough one. There are a lot of things I would like to see past/future but one thing I would really like to experience is to go to a 16th century masquerade ball in Italy. Why? The actual traditional Renaissance masquerade ball seems so magical. Plus, I have an excuse to get all dolled up 🙂

  • Is there intelligent life in outer space?

Could be. I mean look how big the universe is and how little we have actually seen of it. Who am I to judge. But man can you imagine the reaction if aliens did swoop down and say, “I come in peace.” Be quite a freaky day.

  • How would you get an elephant into a refrigerator?

Simple. I would go to the toy story, buy one of those cute plastic ones, and sit it on the top shelf. That way he/she has a great view 🙂

  • Pepsi or Coke?


  • You are on a deserted island, what 3 items would you most like to have with you?

A knife. Since my kindle would be useless, I would take a good book for entertainment. And my cat, that way I wouldn’t feel so weird talking to myself. Then the hunt would be on for hidden goodies to help aid me. No matter where a person may be deserted, there is always some type of junk laying around that can be useful. Can you tell I’ve watched Dual Survival too much.

 Next round – word association:

  • Vampires- Mysterious
  • Magic 8 ball- Answers
  • Animals- Cute
  • Calendar- Another year
  • Cellphones-  Convenience

So let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

  • What do you do when you hit that inevitable evil called writers block?

Pull my hair out. No really, when I reach a point of stalling, I pick up a book and start reading. Nothing works better than delving into a new world full of adventure. Really gets the gears to turn.

  • Who is your biggest supporter?

My husband. He’s always listening to my ideas, giving me advice, and backing me with whatever crazy idea I might come up with. Even when I have a bad moment, he is there to push me forward. I honestly wouldn’t be having this interview if it wasn’t for him pushing me to fulfil my dream.

  • How did you feel after your first book was published?

I was completely amazed! I don’t think there are enough words to describe my jumping around, squealing like a little girl, with a huge smile as tears brimmed my eyes. Don’t get me wrong, I was scared, still am. But to actually see it out there and having people read it is absolutely amazing.

  • Do you relate to any of the characters in Uniquely Unwelcome and Blood Burdens?

I can relate on some level with Racquel. Not in the sense that I’m a mixed Shadow being of course. But Racquel is strong, determined, fierce, scared, hurt, and a bit of a smart butt. I am much like that myself. A little temper mental, but fierce and loyal when it comes to someone I care about. I also have a bit of a smart butt side.

  • Can we expect to read more about Micah and Racquel?

Yes, there will be more from Micah and Racquel. In book 3, readers will get to see more about Micah and his personality since part of book 3 will be from his point of view. It won’t all be tickles and giggles but you will have to read book 3 to see what happens to them 🙂

Thank you once again for dropping in!

 Thanks for having me along!


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