About Me

Just Me Just Me[/caption]


I am a 23 year old law student who loooooves reading. I have only recently found the joys of Goodreads and book reviews. And finaly after numerous attempts found the right blogging angle for me.

I am very much inlove with the most amazing man ever and getting reading to tie the knot. He doesn’t quite get my love of reading but hey I don’t quite get his need for Monster either.


I am all about the friends and family and trying to take life one day at a time. I change my hair colour more often then I change my shoes. I write some, but mostly it ends up in the recycle bin.

Wanna know anything else feel free to ask.


34 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I’d suggest keeping a journal, or diary, writing more about other people than yourself. Who are these people — how do they think — why do they do and say what they do? I think if fiction is something you want to do, one of these characters will come alive and tell you a story you’ll have to put down.

  2. Hello, Angelique! You are one of the fifteen bloggers I nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. The award says it all, I guess, and I believe you deserve it. Cheers! Congrats! =) — Francis

  3. i understand the haircolor changes, i have done every possible thing good and bad to my hair and just consider it another accessory. always can redo it if needed. thanks for the like and for reading 0 beth

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  5. Oh how cute. Good luck studying law. I wanted to do that, too but stopped myself. And hey, congratulations to you and your fiance πŸ™‚

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