One’s animals and their habits

So I have recently taken to writing about my dog and his antics and decided it’s probably time to put some of it on here. If all my friends have to be stuck listening to him and what he gets up to I figured I could let you guys have a listen too.

My puppy’s birthday is coming up soon. I cannot believe he is one year old already. It feel’s like it was yesterday that he was sitting on my lap – so tiny that he was just about inconsequential, and now he is this big lump of energy that somehow still thinks he is the size of a pea.

Anyway – as much as I love him he has a few nasty habits. Some nasty habits that I hope he grows out of as he grows older and some which I hope he never grows out of no matter how inconvenient they might be to me and my fiance.

So in connections with his upcoming birthday I thought I would share his latest antics with you folks.

Google (my all so clever – queue sarcasm – pup) decided he found a liking in our duvet. Not in the normal ‘I want to stay in and cuddle’ way but more in the ‘I want to eat it up and tear it to shreds’ way. We came home from the movies on Friday night, after epically enjoying the new Captain America to find that he had chewed a hole straight through our duvet. You know – the classic welcome home present you tend to leave your human parents.

So speaking to my parents and Kyle’s parents about this dog and his antics I was told he needs to go on more walks. Like one walk a day isn’t enough. Which got me to thinking… do we have dog walkers on the coast? So I got googling and oogling and low and behold – Nope. No dog walkers on the coast. Cos that would be too easy.

I did find this really cute website though. These people that will not only look after your puppies for you but take them on walks. The Denver Dog Walkers. I was stuck on their website for like half an hour thinking: Why the hell can’t I stay in Denver. Where the hell were The Denver Dog Sitters when I needed someone to look after Google while he was chewing up my bedroom furniture?

Just so we’re clear – the duvet was not the first straw… My bra’s, Kyle’s boxers, a cell phone charger, a computer cable, a book, various forms of paperwork, a bathroom mat – no scrap that 3 bathroom mats, toilet paper, throw pillows, our couch legs. All these have fallen to the great and mighty Google. Where were The Denver Dog Sitters then? Why don’t we have nothing like them closer to where we live???

Anyway – Enough of me harping about a dog I really love but could sometimes kill. More on the antics of the Not so clever dog later…


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