Tour Stop+ Interview: Baby Gone by Marilee Brothers

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Interview with Marilee Brothers

Hi! thank you so much for taking the time to stop by our lovely little corner of the world. I like to start things off slowly so let’s start with some icebreakers?

Q: Your bathtub is a time machine. Where is the first place you will go?

A: I’ve been asked this question before and usually choose something totally weird like 12th Century England. I always add a disclaimer, that I’ll get to come back if I’m about to give birth or need antibiotics. After giving it some thought, I’d like to go back to my fourteen-year-old self, hopefully with the knowledge I’ve accumulated throughout my lifetime. Here’s what I’d tell her: “Straighten up, girl! Sure, you’re a head taller than every boy in the eighth grade but who cares? You’re tall. You’re pretty (oh, yes you are!)  And, best of all, you’re smart. So, stop moping. Look people in the eye and smile. Life is good and the best lies ahead.”

Q: eBook, Paperback or Hardcover?

A: Never met a book I didn’t like—other than a few college text books—so the format doesn’t matter.

Q: Do you ever write naked?

A: Not yet, but who knows, I might give it a try. Sounds very liberating.

Q: What colour are you?

A: Funny you should ask because I’m currently writing a new book about a young woman who can look into a person’s eyes and read his/her soul. She sees their souls as colors. Each color means something to her. So, in describing myself, I’d say I’m mostly sky blue punctuated with sparkles of sunlight along with an occasional gathering of dark clouds that eventually blow away.

Now that that is over with we can get into the nitty gritty of life…

Word association 😀

Comedian – Jimmy Fallon

Philanthropist – Bill and Melissa Gates (Hey, I’m from Washington state)

Speakers – Better be good or I’ll doze off.

Mac book – Loved it until the hard drive burned up. Now, we have a shaky relationship due to my lack of trust.

 Beach days – Relax. Read. Enjoy.

Desks – My desk: Cluttered. Guilty feelings. Need to get organized.

Starlight – Nothing more beautiful than a star-filled night sky.

Mango – Love me a good mango smoothie.

Coffee –  Elixer of the Gods

Kitchen – What the hell shall I cook for dinner?

Okay – I promise I am getting serious now:

Q: Where did you get the inspiration for Baby Gone By from?

A: I’d just completed a five book series with a teenage girl, Allie Emerson, who I had no difficulty chanelling. Since I’m the mother of three sons, I thought it would be fun and challenging to write a book with a male protagonist. I wanted to make his life difficult, so I gave him a surprise baby. And, since I can’t seem to write a book without some magic, the baby has some unique qualities that add to Gabe’s difficulties.

Q: Are any of the characters in the book based on real people?

A: Since I spent many years as a teacher and counselor in secondary schools, Gabe is a composite of many young men I encountered. The last school I worked in had a child care facility. The teens who brought their babies to school had to work in the facility an hour each day and take a parenting class. So, I guess the answer is yes. Some of the book is based in reality.

Q: What has been the biggest obstacle in your road to becoming an accomplished writer?

A: I’m still a work in progess. I’m still trying to become an accomplished writer. I learn something new with each book I write.

Q: As a writer you are sure to get writers block. What do you do when this evil befalls you?

A: If I experience what some refer to as writers’ block, I acknowledge my resistence is fear-based. Fear that I don’t have another book in me. Fear that it won’t get published. Fear that people won’t like it. Fear that the book will suck, big time. When I recognize where the resistnce comes from and face my fears, it’ time for the next step. I make myself write, even if I have to set a timer and write utter crap. More often than not, I’ll find an itty bitty diamond shining in that pile of crap. I take it out, polish it and go from there.

Q: Are you lucky enough to write full time or do you have a desk job like the rest of us mere mortals?

A: After the aforementioned career in public education, I’m able to write full time. I consider myself very lucky.

Q: Who or what has been your biggest inspiration?

A: I have to go way back for this one. I owe so much to my parents, now deceased, and wish they’d lived long enough to know their daughter reached her dream of publication. Early on, they introduced me to books. Before I could read, I remember my father reading Alice In Wonderland to me. When I was four, I sat in my mother’s lap while she read the newspaper. She’d point out simple words like the and say, “See if you can find more words that look like this.” A big outing for our family was a trip to the local library. I lived in a house filled with books and for that I’m truly grateful.

Now I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t end it off with just one more happy question

Q: Beach day or Snow day?

A: Beach day, for sure.

Once again, thank you for stopping by. And good luck with all your future endeavours!

Baby Gone Bye 600x900x300

Baby Gone Bye

By Marilee Brothers

Genre: YA, Fantasy

Publisher: Bell Bridge Books (November 29, 2013), 212 pages

Baby Gone Bye Synopsis

High school senior, Gabe Delgado, is trying to trade his bad-boy ways for clean living. He remembers nothing about the night a mysterious girl loved him and left him at a party, except … there was a kind of magic around her that had nothing to do with his hangover the next day. Now he finds that “magic” in a basket on his doorstep, cooing at him like a happy little bird.

The note attached to the baby’s blanket says, “Gabe, you probably already know our baby is, well, different. If not, you’ll find out soon enough. Let’s just say she has certain qualities most babies don’t have. The thing is, I’m scared. I’m on my own and can’t keep her safe. But, you can. You’re strong. You have a family to watch out for her. Bad people want her. That’s why I left her with you. I don’t really understand what’s going on, but it has something to do with The Abolesco. Don’t try to find me. Please, take care of our baby girl and love her. Okay?”

Gabe soon discovers there are bad people on baby Birdie’s trail, but why? Suddenly party-boy Gabe has to man up to protect his daughter. Not so easy when her talents include vanishing into thin air. It’s up to Gabe and his girl-pal Abby—who has some extraordinary secrets of her own—to find out what’s up with something called the Scientific Academy of Merit, what the goons want with Birdie, and whether other people like Birdie can be saved too.

unnamed-6Author Info

Marilee Brothers is a former teacher, coach and counselor. The author of eight books, Marilee and her husband are the parents of three grown sons and live in central Washington State. After writing six young adult books, Marilee is currently hard at work, writing an adult thriller. She loves hearing from people who have read her books. Feel free to contact her at


Twitter account is: @MarileeB.

Facebook author page is:

My website is:

My blog is:


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