Review: Dragon Craving (Otherworlds Summons #2) by Livia Olteano

18521661Synopsis (Cover links to Goodreads:

The world holds few secrets for Oracle Elana Anderson, or as her fans know her, Ela Deville. Successful author of paranormal romance, Ela has a secret: not all her paranormal characters are quite that fictional. She hardly expected she’d trigger a chain of events that might bring about the end of the world via a pesky dragon. Rendered blind to visions of him, Ela’s only way to save her world is to keep the dragon close…very close.

Obitus, the only awake dragon in the Otherworlds, is determined to get back the magic that was stolen from him and secure his position for a good thousand years. Becoming Akai’s new guardian after getting rid of the current one is the best way to it. But that means getting Ela on his side. He’ll bargain and maneuver his way there if he has to, but ends up tormented by the desire to have her for real.

In a game of deals, half-truths and irresistible cravings, does one heart have to break in order for the other to save the world?

(Edited by Lea Ellen Borg. For 17+ readers, NA Erotic PNR!)

Author: Livia Olteano

Where did I get the book: From the author, in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive any compensation for my views on the book. 

My Rating: 5 Bookworms:

My Review:

Elana is a oracle. She sees the future, the past and what ever else there is to see. She is kind, generous and has issues opening up.
Obitus is an ass. Quite frankly. And Elana’s only blind spot. She isn’t quite sure what to do with him, or if what she will let him do to her for that matter.

This was a great story. I loved the first one (Which you really DO NOT have to read to understand – BUT read it anyway – cos it was just as good). So what was I saying? Oh yes, the first one. I loved it, which is why I was super excited to get my hands on this one. It wasn’t about the same characters as the first one but I still got to visit them and find out what was still going on in their lives.

The setting was impeccably described. The banter between Elana and Obitus was fun to read and filled with tension. The dialogue was realistic and easy to follow. The story line was twisty and turny and oh so fun to read. A really great book. Worth the time.

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