Dream Cast & This or That with George Lee Cunningham of Kaboom


Dream Cast

The Dark-haired Woman – Angelina Jolie
Ernest P. Henderson – Not Lassie

Henry Thornburg – Matthew Perry

Amanda Thornburg – Sarah Jessica Parker

Raymond Rayburn – Sean Penn

Inspector Mike Murphy – Kevin Spacey

Investigator 3 Lisa Lopez – Sarah Shahi

Ralph Masters – Paul Giamatti

Peter Piedmont – Liam Aiken

Elmo Jones – Kellan  Lutz

Susan Wilcott – Lindsey Lohan

Father Bob – Samuel L. Jackson

Rod Espinoza – Ryan Gosling

Joe DaSilva – Jim Carrey

Jack Peterson – Ben Affleck


This or That” with George

This or That topics for George Lee Cunningham

  • Type writer or Computer – Computer. I may be a techno-dinosaur, but I have written on both and there is no comparison.
  • Written letters or Email – Written letters are way better, but Email is sooo easy.
  • Beach day or Snow day – The beach, no contest. There is something about the ocean that calls to you, that says jump in and swim with the fishes.
  • Beer or Wine – Beer on a hot afternoon, wine after the sun goes down. Since I’m a night person, I will say wine.
  • If you had to choose a brain leaning towards logic or a brain leaning towards art which would you choose? Logic. I’m too impatient with artsy-fartsy thinking.
  • Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings – Lord of the Rings. Serious battles, honor defended, loyalty rewarded, the triumph of courage.
  • Elvis or The Beatles – Elvis. At one time in my life I would have said the Beatles, but their appeal fades with each passing year. The King is still the King.
  • Coke or Pepsi – Pepsi. Coke is for old people.
  • Black ‘n White or Colour? Colour. I want it all – the reds, the blues, the yellows and the black.
  • Are you a Sunday Morning Crossword kind of person or do you lean toward the everyday Sudoku? Crossword puzzles. Sudoku is as challenging as crosswords, but doing it is just work, not fun.



The interlocking stories of a typical community and the lives and drams of the untypical people who live there. Lawnville, where murders have broken hearts, mailmen and bus drivers are locked in a secret feud, loving husbands betray their wives, bullies rule the local school, dogs yearn to be free, justice happens despite the police, and a beautiful but ruthless nymphomaniac destroys the lives of the men who love her.

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