Tour Stop + Review: Let Me Go by L.L. Akers



Welcome to by tour post for Let Me Go by L.L. Akers.

This one was a tough one. I loved the book, but fact remains that it dealt with a very tough issue that hits close to home in some ways.


Synopsis (Cover links to Goodreads):

A scarlet dragonfly tattoo—meant to be a beautiful, family mark of freedom—instead becomes a prophetic brand to those who wear it. Fleeing from their less-than-perfect childhoods into adulthood… twin sisters, Olivia and Gabriella, and their younger sister Emma, instead find themselves wounded and broken, flittering back into a cycle that relentlessly clings to their family; a cycle they can never seem to escape.

A touching story of one mother and her daughters, bound by blood—torn apart by abuse. They begin their lives intertwined but are forced to fight for their survivals separately, struggling to hide their fear and undeserved shame from each other and the world. One of these women finds herself trapped — alone — as she battles to survive the terrifying darkness. With long hours of nothing to do but wait in fear, she grapples through her obscure dreams and memories of the past, sorting which belong to whom: physically harmed, mentally damaged, sexually abused, an unwanted pregnancy… and even the vivid memory of a dangerous dance with death in a last attempt to escape the shambles and horrors of a seemingly unchangeable situation.

Deeply evocative, Let Me Go is said to fall into several genre’s. The suspense of the girl in the box grabs your attention from the beginning, and is woven throughout the coming-of-age story. Let Me Go falls into the New Adult category as well.

Watch for Captured Again, Book 2 of the Let Me Go Series, coming end-December 2013.

Author: L.L. Akers

My Rating: 4 Bookworms

My Review:

Olivia and Gabby grew up in a house where parents shouting at one another was normal. Where protecting your baby sister from your abusive father (and mom’s new boyfriend) was something that happened without them even having to think about it. And as such things go, a cycle starts where both the girls get drawn into abusive relationships of their own. I have seen first had how these things really do turn into vicious cycles. It takes a lot of courage and a lot of strength of will to break these kinds of cycles.

I honestly commend the author for taking on such a tough subject. It wasn’t easy to read, and I can just imagine how hard it must have been to write it. The girls’ story really struck a chord within me. I was heart broken at how helpless they felt and with everything that they were forced to go through. I think the most resounding part of the book (which will stay with me forever) is the intertwined story of the “girl in the box”.

This girl and her panic sticks with you. I felt my own panic grow, my own mind going fuzzy when ever I read her chapters. Her initial confusion is so well written and described that I found myself trapped in a dark box with no way out. I cannot imagine how tough it must be to be locked up like that. So blind. So trapped.

This was a fantastic bit of fiction (even if it is so well based in reality) that should be read by all woman. We need to know what can happen if we stop standing up for ourselves. We need to know learn to fight for ourselves and our loved ones.

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Author Bio:


L.L. Akers is originally from the Midwest where she grew up climbing trees, haystacks, and haylofts—escaping into other worlds with a good book. She enjoyed playing cow-pattie hopscotch and outrun-the-bull with her siblings.

She now lives in the South, the silly wife of a serious man, and mother of: one very gifted and fetching male-tween, a chubby beagle that looks astonishingly like a mini-cow, a deranged terrier as well as five Koi fish, a herd of tiny but boastful lizards, and dozens of obnoxiously loud serenading frogs.

After a career in human resources, she now pursues life as a recluse writer; hanging out at home in her PJ’s with her iPad, Burt’s Bees lip balm and her posse of creatures. Regardless of her self-isolation, she can still be lured outside for brief moments by the scent of freshly mowed grass and a bowl full of cherries.

Let Me Go is her first novel, and book 1 of the Let Me Go Series – each book is a stand-alone, with no cliffhangers.

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5 thoughts on “Tour Stop + Review: Let Me Go by L.L. Akers

  1. I’d love if you could post your review to Amazon or GoodReads (is it okay to ask that?)… or if you don’t want your entire review there, any small part of it would do, like “This was a fantastic bit of fiction (even if it is so well based in reality) that should be read by all woman. We need to know what can happen if we stop standing up for ourselves. We need to know learn to fight for ourselves and our loved ones.”

    Hopefully, it didn’t hurt to ask. Also, it seemed you liked the book… the 2nd one is almost out. Probably two weeks. Are you interested in getting an ARC to read/review? This one is much lighter. Continues Gabby, Olivia and Emma’s stories picking up five years later. I think you’ll like it better than Let Me Go.

    I’d be honored if you could.

    If not, thanks again for the kind words. You book bloggers rock.

    ~Lisa Akers

    • Thanks for the lovely comment.

      Am a bit heavy on my reading schedule at the moment. School is just starting up etc. I will however post the review on Amazon and Goodreads (think I posted it to goodreads on Friday but not sure.)

  2. Thank you for hosting Let Me Go! So glad you ultimately found it a good read, regardless of the intense subject. Hope to hear your thoughts on the next one (no abuse… They’re past all that)

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