Promo: One by One written by Yawatta Hosby


Alone in the woods, thirty miles from civilization with no cell phone reception, the weekend turns into a deadly game when a killer hunts Rae and her friends. They struggle to stay alive and discover the truth.
Is someone stalking them, or is there a killer among the group?
Reminiscent of “Harper’s Island,” ONE BY ONE is a disturbing mystery thriller where a group of friends let paranoia get the best of them. With suspense and betrayal, it’ll also remind readers of “Scream.” Someone never intended for them to leave the cabin and will follow through with the plan by any means necessary.

Yawatta Hosby resides in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia. She teaches creative writing through the Adult Community Education Program, and she enjoys connecting with other writers through blogging. She’s always had a fascination with psychology, so she likes to focus on the inner-struggles within her characters. Yawatta is also an avid reader, favorite genres: mystery, thriller, horror, and women’s fiction.

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6 thoughts on “Promo: One by One written by Yawatta Hosby

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  2. This sounds like a book that I would have loved a few years ago. I remember Harper’s Island and thought it was great at the time. Nowadays, I am too scared to read books like this, but it sounds great!

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