Tour Stop + Giveaway: Attempting Elizabeth by Jessica Grey

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Author: Jessica Grey

Where did I get the book:  From Xpresso book tours and the author in exchange for an honest but fair review and in connection with the book tour. You can check out the rest of the schedule here. 

My Rating: 4 Bookworms

My Review:

Kelsey has found a way to do something I am sure all book lovers would love to do with their favourite books. She can get herself into her favourite book and live through the scenes as though she was a part of it to start off. But the more she does it, the more she realises that maybe a fake life isn’t really all you might think it to be. Plus the hot aussie with the red hair would be enough to make any girl wanna stay in reality. If only she could stop being a complete dunce around him and come off as slightly less nerdy.

I will admit (and please don’t shoot me for it) – that I have not read Pride and Prejeduce. It has been on my reading list for soooo long and I honestly cannot tell you why I haven’t picked it up yet. But after this book I will SOON be remedying it. I promise. And then I will probably reread Attempting Elizabeth to catch all the little thing that only a fan would have picked up.

This really was a great read. I grew so attached to Kelsey because I guess I see myself in her. A complete nerd at heart that continuously puts her foot in her mouth and comes off looking slightly less attractive for it. The awkward moments between Kelsey and Mark start straight from the beginning of the book (when she notices the really hot red head tending the bar) all the way through to the end. I think – to me – that is what made their relationship so cute. Him looking past all her dorkishness  (Yes it is now a word) and liking her anyway. My favourite part of the book? Mark telling Kelsey that he likes her the way she is. Freakishly tall with straight hair and all.

Having a character move through a book was absolutely fascinating and a lot of fun to read. I found myself wishing with Kels for her to make it into her most admired character just so she could have a go at her favourite book boyfriend. Like all us girls, I am sure a lot of us wish we could do it and I loved living vicariously through Kelsey.

It was a really fun read that had me giggling, Ooing and Darning all the way through.

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6 thoughts on “Tour Stop + Giveaway: Attempting Elizabeth by Jessica Grey

  1. P&P is amazing, but it was written several lifetimes ago, so it’s not exactly a bodice ripper, lol. Nope, I think I’d rather spend my time reading about “the hot aussie with the red hair” right now! 🙂

    • Haha yeah – I think that is my problem with picking up Jane Austin’s books. They might be fantastic literature but they are a tad bit old for me. But I really want to read P&P now so I can understand everything referred to in this one. The movie just wasn’t enough for me to keep up all the time.

      And it really is worth it reading about the Hot Aussie with red hair. Who knew red hair could be so sexy right?

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