Tour Stop + Giveaway: Everything Between us by Mila Ferrera

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Thank you for stopping by for today’s tour stop of Everything Between Us by Mila Ferrera. I also have a giveaway planned for the tour. Up for grabs is one eCopy of Everything Between Us. All you have to do is enter here.




Author: Mila Ferrera

Where did I get the book: From Xpresso Book Tours and the author in exchange for an honest and fair review and for the purposes of this book tour. Check out the rest of the schedule here and be sure to check out more reviews.

My Rating: 4 bookworms

My Review:

Stella is not your typical mc. She is not confident or self assured. She doesn’t come across as overly fussed about her appearance. She doesn’t have a best friend to lean on or even a gay friend like many mc’s do lately. What she is, is something completely different. She is scared to go outside. She is scared of herself and the way she acts around other people. But behind the big ball of scared lies an amazingly strong girl (even if she doesn’t know that herself yet). And the only person that really sees into her soul, and past all the damaged goods is Daniel. Maybe that’s just cos Daniel feels like damaged goods himself. Refusing to let people see him for who he is, he is completely shocked that this little waif can get to him like no one else can. After meeting just a few times Stella not only managed to call him out on what he is, but also what he is hiding.

This was like nothing I have ever read before. Essentially Daniel is pretty much pimping himself out for money. Let’s face it, I am sure we all have read a book or two where the female mc comes from a bit of a shady past when it comes to sex – but a man selling himself was new territory to me. And not altogether unpleasant. He was a fantastic character. Well built and very well written. His insecurities making him all that more sexy. The chemistry between him and Stella was breath taking.

Throughout the entire book I was captivated with the banter and dialogue between Stella and Daniel. They – to me – made an amazing couple. They brought out the best in each other and did not hesitate to point out the shitty parts that each of them was hiding. And the best of all: they both wanted to be better for the other one. They grew together and held each other up. Beautiful.

My heart broke for Stella and her relationship with her parents. I think that the author managed to portray the feelings and lack thereof with amazing clarity so that someone like me (who luckily has a great relationship with my parents) could not only understand but feel something akin to empathy for Stella. Her yearning for acceptance from her parents brought me to tears at stages.

This was an amazing read. Heartbreaking and heart warming at the same time. It wasn’t only about Stella and Daniel’s relationship and coming together but also about the growth that both of them struggled for throughout the book. I would highly recommend it to other readers out there and in fact have been telling all my friends about it.

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