RB: Grab ‘em in a choke hold and don’t ever let go

So I was grabbed by the title…GREAT post. Very helpful. Thought I would share it…

Okay, maybe that’s a bit extreme. Grab your readers by the front of their shirt instead. You don’t want to kill them. You just want to yank them from their present day life into your world and keep them there until you’re good and ready to let go. And when will that moment be? After the very last word of your book.

I started reading NOS4A2 by Joe Hill. I’m not finished with it yet, and it’s a good story. The one problem is that the author keeps kicking me out of his story world.

It started at the end of chapter two. The last sentence of the chapter is like this:

 She walked around the corner on unsteady legs and looked at the walk-up window of

(No, I didn’t forget any words.) I had flown through the first and second chapter of the novel pretty quickly. The characters…

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