Top Ten Tuesday! Scary book covers…

Let me start off by saying – 

Happy 200th post to me 😀

Now let me get back to the festivities – Halloween is upon us and the wonderful folks at The Broke and the Bookish decided that this weeks top ten is scary book covers…


What’s your favourite scary cover?

Scary Cover 1 Scary Cover 2 Scary Cover 3 Scary Cover 4 Scary Cover 5 Scary Cover 6 Scary Cover 7 Scary Cover 8 Scary Cover 9 Scary Cover 10


27 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday! Scary book covers…


    Some good creepy covers here! I like the variety. Blood Song though — I guess I find it too beautiful to be creepy, haha! Which is probably a terrible POV to have, when I think about it… (the vampires will get me first, yikes LOL)

    Great picks! ❤

    • No- I get what your saying about Blood Song. It does have an interesting concept to it that keeps me going back to it. It actually makes me want to read it where all the other covers scare me off!

  2. I seem to be in the minority on Hell Whore–I was it when I was making my list, and thought ‘fake blood and cleavage, predictable.’ Perhaps all the gore on tv has desensitized me…

  3. Silence does have a kind of creepy cover when you think about it! Seeing a lot of The Replacement and that one is freaky! And really anything Chucky scares me! Dolls are just freaky after having known what that movie was about! I never even saw it because the idea of it scares me too much! Plus I owned too many dolls! 😉

    Here’s my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

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