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guest post

If I Could Have Dinner with Three Characters from Books…

By Kristen Zimmer

I love books. And by love, I mean I have an unhealthy obsession with them. One time, I started reading a book very late in the evening and became so enamored with the story—or more accurately, the characters—that I called in sick to work the next morning just so I could finish reading in one sitting. Falling so deeply in love with the characters in that book got me thinking: If I could have dinner with three fictional book characters, who would I choose and why? (Side note: I decided to limit myself to three characters, or else I’d be hosting a fictional rager party, rather than a nice sit-down meal.)

My first dinner guest would be my favorite Dickens character of all time, Oliver Twist. I think my reasoning behind this choice will be fairly obvious to anyone who has read the book. Oliver is so lovably naive, and so in need of someone to listen to and care about him throughout nearly the entire novel (ending not withstanding), that I would relish the opportunity. Of course, having him as a dinner guest would undoubtedly result in me saying, “Please, let me adopt you, because the world you live in just plain sucks. I’ll love you and feed you and you can always, always have some more!” So, ultimately, lil’ Olly would end up being the forever-kind of guest, rather than just a visitor.

For my second guest, I’d have to go with Ellie Linton of John Marsden’s Tomorrow series. Through seven books, poor Ellie and the rest of her teenage friends are busy fighting a guerilla-style war (and also trying to keep themselves from getting killed) when their homeland of Australia is invaded by foreign forces. I’d love to transport all eight of the characters in this book out of their war-torn world and into the safety of my kitchen, if not for an extended period of time, then at least for one evening sans constant bombing. Unfortunately, I can only choose one character. I figured I’d go with Ellie, since she is the narrator and hands-down leader of the small insurgency.

My third choice would be Amber Gray from Malinda Lo’s Adaptation series. This pick is vastly different from the rest; firstly, because she is the only secondary character on the guest list. Secondly, I’d invite her not because she’s in need of some TLC, but because she is one of the coolest female characters I’ve seen in a YA novel in a long time. Confident, intelligent and alluring, I think I’d be able to have an awesome, if flirty, conversation with her. Of course, that isn’t to say that Amber doesn’t have her own issues. She’s got a bit of a problem with dishonesty (at least in AdaptationInheritance is a different story entirely). But there is a very interesting explanation for her half-truths.

So, those are the three book characters I’d invite to dinner. Who would you choose?


Her revolted expression speaks volumes. It’s enough for me to know what she’s going to do next. She reaches across the booth and takes my hand in her own. “Wow, Payton. That’s monumentally messed up. I’m sorry that happened to you. Some people are just so closed-minded.”

“Some people are, and that’s also part of the reason I’ve been hesitant to tell you. You’re a celebrity now. Your face is already plastered all over the tabloids, and you’re just doing normal teenage crap. What if it got out that some girl you’re always flying cross-country to visit is a big old homo? I’m sure that would start some delightful rumors. Rumors create rifts between people. So you see, I wasn’t scared of you. I was scared I might lose you.”

“The tabloids are going to write what they’re going to write regardless of what the truth is, Payton. I can’t let it bother me. Plus, hello? I live in Hollywood. It would be insane to think that I don’t have any gay friends! And lose me? That will never happen. I’m like a bad case of herpes—just ‘cuz you can’t see me doesn’t mean I’m not there.”

“Herpes! Eww,” I roll my eyes. “That is a horrible analogy.”

“Yeah, but it’s kind of funny and also very true.”

“So, we’re okay then? We’re cool?”

“Are we cool?” She drags out the “cool,” leans back in her seat, and crosses her arms. “Yeah, dude, everything’s cool. Everything’s smooth.” She’s making fun of me, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

“Sweet, dude. Finish your wrap.”

She brings the last bite to her lips and abruptly stops. “Hold the phone. If you’re into girls, what the hell was with you and Scott Strafford the end of junior year?”

“Let’s chalk it up to a last ditch effort at heterosexuality.”

She stuffs the bread into her mouth. “Yeah, you should’ve picked someone else. If I had to choose between that asshole and lesbianism, I’d go gay all the way. Seriously, I considered asking your mom to have you committed. Only a mental patient could’ve fallen for that jerk.”

“I’m going to write The Inquirer and let them know that one of Hollywood’s It Girls talks with her mouth full.”

“See food.” She sticks out her tuna-covered tongue. “It’s all the rage.”

“Charming,” I lark. “No wonder all the guys find you irresistible.”

“Harhar,” she says and grabs the tray from the table. “Let’s get out of here.”

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Discover Kendall and Payton’s full story in

The Gravity Between Us

Kristen Zimmer

October 17, 2013

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