Tour Stop: By Blood #1 + 2 by Tracy E. Banghart

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Welcome to the Tour stop for By Blood by Tracy E. Banghart. I have a fantastic giveaway to share along with not only one review… but two!!! Stick around!



1) (US only) SIGNED paperback copies of BY BLOOD & MOON CHILD + $20 Amazon, B&N or Smashwords gift card

2) (US & INTL) (2 winners) paperback copies of BY BLOOD & MOON CHILD + $10 Amazon, B&N or Smashwords gift card

3) (US & INTL) (2 winners) E-copies of BY BLOOD & MOON CHILD + $5 Amazon, B&N, or Smashwords gift card

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Please note that I received these books in exchange for an honest review and in connection with the blog tour. If you want to see a few more reviews and post you can check out the schedule here. A special thanks to Giselle at Xpresso Book Tours for hosting this fantastic tour.

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Author: Tracy E. Banghart

My Rating: 4 Book worms

My Review:

Emma is ticked off. Not only does she not get to spend the summer with her friends and finaly making a bit of her own pocket money, but now on top of that she has to go to another country with her absentee mother and very annoying little half brother. She was not planning on having any kind of fun so imagine her surprise when she not only starts to enjoy herself a little (gasp) but also ends up locking lips with the very off limits, very sexy Josh.

This was a really fascinating story. The characters were original and the story nothing I have ever come across before. I loved how real Emma was. She was selfish, childish and a really big drama queen. She made mistakes, carried grudges and sulked like no bodies business.

There was also a lot of interesting historical facts (about druids and like) without making the book boring. And imagine my surprise when it had such an interesting ending. I could hardly put it down once I started it – which turned out to be a bit of a problem as I picked it up at 10pm.

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Author: Tracy E. Banghart

My Rating: 4 Bookworms

My Review:

So Diana is ready for her next step in life. She is ready to get out of there nowhere town away from the nobody’s that make it their business to know everybody’s business. Resigned to waiting it out no one is more surprised the Diana’s reaction to Nicholas.

In the beginning it was just a tad confusing. Time line kind of knocked me for a loop but after really digging into it, it was just like By Blood. I. Could. Not. Put. It. Down. Diana was such a great character that I found very easy to relate to. I really enjoyed her in By Blood so was therefore very excited to get to know her a little bit better.

I absolutely adored Nicholas. I am a fan of the weird and wacky. The awkward and the strange have a way of crawling into my heart. Nicholas did. And the cookie, crazy plot twist just made it better.

There was enough action, passion 😉 and interesting twists in this book to make it an absolute must read.

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