Review: Friendly Temptation by Elaine Radley

coverHowdy all 🙂

So what have we got here – Friendly Temptaion by Elaine Radley. I received this one from the author in exchange for an honest and fair review. It was released yesterday so go out there and get your hands on it!!!


Author: Elaine Radley

Rating: 4 Bookworms


Katherine is not the kind of woman to get a tattoo. She is also not the kind of woman to throw caution to the wind and hook up with her best friend. But today is a day for new experiences. Faced with a dare from Dom she cannot back down. Neither can he.

This was heart-warmingly sweet and fantastically passionate. At one point I noticed that I was fanning myself with a bit of scrap paper that was lying around. The two characters had some amazing chemistry for a short novella. It was very well written, very well described and so romantic.

And Oh. My. Word… did I want to know what was in the bag…

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