Tour Stop: Gargoyle Addiction by Livia Olteano

Well, well, well…

The time has come…

My tour post for non other than Gargoyle Addiction by Livia Olteano…

I was thrown by this book…

I signed up purely because of the FANTASTIC looking cover…


I am a fan for life…



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Author: Livia Olteano

Where did I get this masterpiece: From Giselle at Xpresso Book Tours for the purposes of this book tour and in exchange for an honest and fair review. You can find the rest of the tour schedule here. 

My Rating: Can I give it 6 bookworms…? Cos I just did.

My Review:

Karla is consumed with the belief that she will die before her 35th birthday. For that reason she dreads her birthday each year. This year is no different. She does however love the prezzie her best friend gives her. An ARC copy of the next instalment of her favourite series with the ever so hunky and dangerous Kann. Bad Gargoyle extraordinaire. What she didn’t know was that the book came with a few strings attached. And on the other side of these strings stood one very real, very pissed off Gargoyle. Literally the gargoyle of her dreams.

What follows is one of the most intense love stories I have ever read. One of the most well written stories. Of course there were a few issues, however these issues were far overshadowed with the fantastic story line and the colourful characters.

Kann is a bad guy. Not a charming, sweet guy masquerading as a bad guy, but an honest to goodness badass that hunts indiscriminately, kills without remorse and enjoys ripping chunks of flesh from his opponents. He mocked and picked on Karla. He called her stupid and at times treated her like a piece of dung. And I loved it. I loved how this Bad Ass discovered that he might actually be capable of love. I loved that this Bad Ass found something in his life that he could not live without. I loved that, even though he was a bad ass that didn’t stop him from showing some of the most compassionate, heartfelt moments I have read in some time.

Karla was GREAT. In now shape, or form perfect. Making stupid mistakes, being hard-headed, stubborn and at times just plain stupid. Independent, whiney, strong and resourceful.

Wanna know what I really loved though? The fact that this had all the makings of a insta love and yet it wasn’t. Yes they were irrevocably drawn to one another. Completely addicted to one another’s presence – but still Karla stood firm. No way was she going to just fall hopelessly in love with a monster she doesn’t know and not completely trust.

As pointed out previously I am a fan of the story line (putting it mildly). In the short space of 191 pages I was transported to other worlds, met characters I never knew existed, saw places I never thought possible and made friends I will cherish for quite some time.

This is honestly a book I see myself returning to again. And again.

Now please – can I have some more?

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