Review: Tears of Tess by Pepper Winters

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Hi folks,

Did the blitz for this book a short while ago. Couldn’t wait to get my hands on the book. Boy was I glad.


Author: Pepper Winters

Where did I get the book: I received an ARC from the author for the purposes of an honest but fair review.

Rating: 5 bookworms. No 6, no- 7. Easily.

My Review:

Tess is content. She is content with her soon to be career choice. She is content with the man that she lives with and she is content with her VERY vanilla bedroom antics with said boyfriend. But who wants to go through life content right? Tess does. Or so she believes. Then she goes on holiday to Mexico with her boyfriend only to be kidnapped by ruthless slavers and sold to the highest bidders. That is how she ends up in the ruthless arms of Q. The ever mysterious Q that awakens her dark desires and confused her no end. She should surely be more afraid of him? Hate him more. Surely she shouldn’t be having these feelings for a man that keeps slaves.

This was a very dark, very tantalizing, very exciting book. I had shivers from start to finish. I had tears running down my cheeks and moments of pure hatred. I was pacing with the book in my hand in fury. I honestly do not believe I have ever had so much invested in a book as I did this one. Pepper Winters took my emotions on a major rollercoaster ride of note.

The characters were immensely well described and so easy to fall in love with. The story line is so unique and well thought out and every single scene on every single page is so well described that I stepped into them like I was there. I cannot begin to imagine what it must be like to go through something like that but Pepper Winters made it possible to still experience it. Safely.

I am not going to indepth with the review as I don’t want to give away to much – the book isn’t even released yet. So if you wanna know more you’re gonna have to wait until it’s out and buy it!

For some additional info go check out the following links – there is also a link to the book trailer. One word – AmAAAzing.!/pages/Pepper-Winters/539976006062848?id=539976006062848&sk=app_228910107186452!/pages/Pepper-Winters/539976006062848?id=539976006062848&sk=app_228910107186452

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