Tour Stop: Finding Obscurity by Emma Shade


Hear he hear he! Welcome one and all to the tour stop for Finding Obscurity by Emma Shade. It probably has one of the prettiest covers I have seen in a long time. Elegant, simple and eye catching. In celebration of the tour we have a AWESOME giveaway and a fact filled interview with Emma Shade.


Author: Emma Shade

Where did I get the book: From Book Monster Promotions for the purposes of an honest, fair review and in connection with this book tour.

My Rating: 3 bookworms

My Review:

Lillian is the odd one out. She is alone and has no one. Her adoptive parents hate her because they believe she killed their real daughter. She cannot stand to lose another person that she loves, so she just refuses to make any connections or friendships. However, somehow some people manage to sneak past her defenses. Sam, the stereotypical gay best friend; Blake, the oh so handsome guy that she literally has sparks flying with; and Ashton. Ashton, the sexy, mysterious club owner that just refuses to let her in on his secrets.

A very confusing, and very entertaining love triangle. Sometimes you really don’t know whether Lily will end up with Blake or Ashton. And I myself couldn’t decide who I wanted her to end up with until the last possible moment. Blake is strong, sure and he comes across as very trust worthy. He obviously has some jealousy issues on top of a problem with not respecting peoples boundaries, but who doesn’t love a bad boy right? Ashton is sexy, dark, mysterious and brooding. He carries secrets – but what self respecting bad-ass club owner doesn’t. The crew of four made such fun read. Squabbles, bickering and teasing makes for an interesting read.

If the dialogue was at times a bit confusing, the story line made up for it. If Lily sometimes came over her fear of trusting people to easily, the hot raunchy passionate scenes made up for it. It was a well balanced, very exciting read with some new concepts that made for a good time. The idea of conjurers is new to me and Ms Shade explained it in such a manor that I did not feel lost.


GRAND PRIZE:  $50 Amazon gift card, a signed copy of Finding Obscurity, and a signed bookmark

RUNNER UP:   a $5 e-gift card of winners choice, and a signed bookmark

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interview header

How would you describe Finding Obscurity to someone who has not read any of your previous work?

Finding Obscurity is the first book in The Secrets Series. It’s a paranormal romance/urban fantasy series about Lily Canton, who has special powers she can’t control. Ten years after her sister’s death, she decides it’s time to find answers about who she is. First, she meets Ashton Ryder, a sexy club owner with skeletons in his closet. Ashton instantly falls for Lily and the pull towards him is undeniable. Then there is Blake Moore. Blake knows what she is, wants to help her with her powers, and tries to win her heart. But she soon finds out there’s more to her past, and somebody is willing to kill to make sure the secret never gets out.

Which part of researching Finding Obscurity was the most personally interesting to you? Were there any facts or themes that you would have liked to include, but they just didn’t make into the story?

The most interesting research was discovering the history of witches and other paranormal beings in Finding Obscurity. There were a few facts that didn’t make it, but were so interesting. For example, they used to nail down the dead suspected of being vampires with stakes before burying the body. That way they couldn’t “rise” at night. Towards the end of the book, I wanted to research what the body does when you get shot with certain types of guns. If the police ever had to read my search history, I might be in trouble!

What are you reading right now? Are there any authors (living or dead) that you would name as influences?

I just finished reading Shock and Awesome by Camilla Chafer. It’s a great series. There are so many authors I love, but the first ones that come to mind are Kim Harrison, H.P. Mallory, Jeaniene Frost, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Ilona Andrews, and J.R. Ward.

What was the book that most influenced your life — and why?

This is a hard one. I would have to say the Bible. I grew up in a Catholic family, went to church every weekend, and had SundayBibleSchool. Even though I don’t go to church except for special occasions, it would be the only book ingrained from a young age.

If you had a book club, what would it be reading — and why?

Hmmm. We would have to be reading either Magic Rises by Ilona Andrews or possibly one of the latest romantic suspense books. I’m so behind on my TBR that I have way too many to catch up on. Isn’t that normal though?

How personal is your writing?

My writing is very personal. Some of the characters have parts of my personality or felt emotions from my past. I think writing has to have some part of yourself.

Who designed the covers?

Toski Covey Photography – Custom Design and Sommer at Perfect Pear Creative. Both awesome people! They are local girls, and I actually got to be there when the cover model, Hannah, had the pictures taken. It was so cool being behind the scenes.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

I wanted to be a veterinarian. I’m a huge animal lover. Except for snakes. If I see one of those, I run faster than an Olympic sprinter.

Do you ever write naked? 😉

Ha! My husband would love it, but I’d never get any writing done!

 Who would play you, in a film of your life?

Melissa McCarthy. She is hilarious.

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