Tour Stop: All My Life by Rucy Ban

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Today we are hosting the tour stop for the All My Life book tour. All My Life was written by an inspired mind – Rucy Ban. A special thanks goes out to Giselle at Xpresso Book Tours for organising the Tour. All My Life is the first book in The First Things series and was released in early May. In celebration of the tour the author has sponsored a giveaway for a $100.00 amazon gift card. Deets shown below.

temptation woman and man


Author: Rucy Ban

Where did I get the book: from Xpresso Book Tours and the author in exchange for an honest, fair review and in connection with the tour. The tour schedule can be found here.

My Rating: 5 Bookworms

My Review:

Kari is intelligent and beautiful. She is a year ahead in school, but that does not make her any less naive – which leads to a traumatic experience which changes her outlook on life and in general her lifestyle. Completely withdrawing from the world around her, her friends and her family Kari draws more and more into her shell until she starts her new job at the Tattoo Parlour across the road. Small changes start happening. Until Neil walks into her life. Completely rocking her world of its axis.

This book was on of those rare finds. One of those stories that I found myself telling everyone around me about. One of those amazing books that you can see yourself reading over and over and over. I started the other night at 10pm and found myself only putting it down at 2am the next morning when I finished it. Normally I am the kind of reader that does not like a perfect hero. I don’t like a man that does not have any flaws and is so perfect that he cannot exist anywhere but in the pages of a book. This time I loved it. Neil was perfect. He was caring, selfless, passionate, hot and protective. Slightly jealous but not so overly possessive that it became a problem. I fell in love with him – probably about 20 times – while reading the book. And he wasn’t the only highlight. Kari was such a soft personality, I felt sorry for her, I rejoiced with her, cried with her and burst out in irrational anger for what she went through.

Rucy Ban weaved such a fantastic tale of adversity and overcoming it that I now feel that I can take on anything. The story line was like nothing I have ever read before and the supporting characters so fun and quirky that it feels like I have made friends for life. I feel like I had a whole rainbow of emotions moving through me while reading this story and that I won’t ever look at contemporary romances in the same way. She has such knack for describing situations and feelings that it is near impossible to not ‘see’ the scenes folding out in front of you.

I look forward to the rest of the series as I am sure it will be more of the same greatness. Thanks Ms Ban for sharing this with us.

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