Tour Stop: Seduced by Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliot


So I was given the chance to participate in this blog tour and grabbed at it with both hands. I have realized recently that I stick to my comfort zone when picking books to read (as I am sure a lot of people do) but I needed a change. Hence… my first Rocker based book (another first yay!) So along with the review and a giveaway I also have a fun guestpost from the authors…

Before I get started, just a quick shout out to Carla at Book Monster Promotions , thanks for organizing the tour!


Authors: Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliot

Where did I get the book: From the authors in exchange for an honest review and in connection with the book tour.

My Rating: 4 Bookworms

My Review:

Nick, Simon and Deacon are in trouble. Their drummer, Snake is now in rehab. They have a gig in a few nights (sans drummer) and only a few dollars left in their wallets. Enter Jazz. Sexy, smokey super duper talented Jazz and Gray. The answer to all their problems. This prequel to Lost in Oblivion sets it up so nicely for the rest of the series. I for one cannot wait to get my hands on the following books.

These two brilliant authors gave us so much detail and in depth insight that I honestly lost myself in the world of rockers for a full two days. I became a groupie. For life.

The characters were so colourful and easy to love (or hate considering your view point). They were so full of life and spunk that it was really hard for me to put the book down once I got started. The only problem was, getting started. I had a few issues getting into it at first. Slow start with an amazing build up. Slowly growing into a ever bigger and better snowball or in this case, fire ball with oodles of passion and hotness!!

I think I mostly enjoyed this because it isn’t all happy, sunshine and roses all the time. People fight, they make mistakes. They hate each other and then when it is most important they rally together. Its real. It’s life. I look forward to the rest of the Lost In Oblivion series.


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Giveaway time!

One lucky winner that follows the tour will receive the following prizes:

Sterling Silver earrings (attached jpg)
$10 GC to iTunes
$15 GC to Starbucks
paperback of Seduced.
paperback of Cari Quinn’s Unveil Me

Like what you see? Enter here! 

guest post


It’s indefinable and fascinating. And in tv-land it often results in a strange phenomenon called ‘shipping’. If you know the term, you get it—if you don’t? Yeah, it’s just a little bit confusing.

Seriously, the face I made when I heard the term—when it WAS NOT put in an obvious couple’s situation…ie, Castle and Beckett on ABC’s Castle, Kate and Sawyer/Kate and Jack on Lost, Kurt & Blaine on Glee—believe me, I get it. It’s confounding.

But the term comes out of the unique chemistry between males. Cari Quinn and I capitalized on it in our Lost in Oblivion series. We have four very strong male leads in the band Oblivion. Nick Crandall and Simon Kagan have known each other since High School. They came from similar backgrounds of abuse and neglect, and because they had no one to count on, their friendship became one of the only close relationships they’ve ever had.

For the good, and the bad.

They fight viciously, but they also are so loyal it’s painful at times. So loyal that they have a hard time letting other people into their sphere.

The good part of that chemistry is the hilarity that ensues with dialogue and familiar stories. With the closeness that both men need to know they’re not alone in this world. And that sort of ‘Bromance’ jumps off the page.

And honestly…Cari and I have a deep and abiding love for the male banter aspect of writing. So we have one Bromance that’s been a part of the story off screen, and another one that blooms over the course of the books.

And it’s an unlikely pairing that becomes just as important at the end of the series as the first relationship builds the foundation for the start of Lost in Oblivion.

And man, we have a helluva lot of fun with it.

Thanks so much for having me on Why I can’t Stop Reading. Cari and I really appreciate all the awesome things bloggers do to help us get the word out about our books!

If you liked the reviews and would like to know more, I know present to you the great minds behind this amazing series:

author bio cari 

PENTAX ImageWebsite



FB Author Page

Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott’s FB Group – Word Wenches Reader Group

author bio taryn

Taryn Elliot picWebsite



FB Author Page

Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott’s FB Group – Word Wenches Reader Group


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