Tour Stop: Desert Hearts by Christine Pope


Take 3 of the Sedona Trilogy book blitz/tour hop. Today we are featuring the tour stop for book 2 Desert Hearts (Kara’s Story). My favourite in the trilogy.  And right after this we will have a review for the third and newly released book 3 Angel Fire.

Synopsis DH

Author: Christine Pope

My Rating: 5 Bookworms

Where did I get the book: From Sage’s Book Tours in return for an honest, fair review and in corroboration with the Book Tour.

Book Trailer

My Review:

Kara has been in love with Lance for as long as she has known him. He is stoic, brooding and oh so sexy. However, as far as she can tell he doesn’t feel the same way. Which is why, when a sexy stranger falls into her lap she cannot help but fall for him. In a bad way. A love triangle like no other this was an exciting read from beginning to end.

Even though it is blatantly obvious that Kara is supposed to end up with Lance I found myself rooting for Grayson (mysterious amnesiac) from the start. He is nothing but kind, selfless, brave and incredibly intelligent. Whereas Lance keeps to himself, hides absolutely everything about his past and refuses to show any emotions towards Kara until her realizes she now belongs to someone else.  Which kinda just pissed me off.

Kara is amazing. A little stupid – I mean who lets a complete stranger stay in you house without even telling someone else about it – but still amazing. You don’t really get to see that much of her in Bad Vibrations so it was fun to get to know her now.

The story line in this one was quite a bit better. An ending that kicked ass even though I would have loved for it to end differently. A great read that was incredibly hard to put down.

SO yeah, that’s book two. Stay tuned for book 3. And in case you missed it here is book 1.

And here we go with the giveaway:

Grand Prize (1): signed print copies of all three books + $25 Amazon gift card

First prize (1): ebook copies of all three books + $25 Amazon gift card

Second prizes (2): ebook copies of all three books + $10 Amazon gift card

Third prizes (3): ebook copies of all three books

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