Tour Stop: Bad Vibrations by Christine Pope

Hi Guys, Welcome to the second instalment of by book tour/blitz for the Sedona Trilogy by Christine Pope. This tour was hosted by Sage’s Book Tours. Today we’re hosting the tour stop for Book one – Bad Vibrations (Persephone’s story).


Author: Christine Pope

My Rating: 4 Bookworms

Where did I get the book: From Sage’s Book Tours in return for an honest, fair review and in corroboration with the Book Tour.

My Review:

Persephone is a psychic. A real life, honest psychic. She has as regular life as any 30 something year old that has a spirit guide can have. Until her new client informs her of a pending alien invasion. Disinclined to believe him she writes it off as another cook until things start getting out of control, people start showing up dead and men in black are chasing her and the hunky ufologist Paul around.

Seph is one of the most amazing characters I have come across in a while. Resilient, brave, absolutely kick ass and quite sexy to boot. She has no issues with confidence, even if she does have quite a few issues with men. Throughout the book I felt she handled the situations she found herself in quite well and never just sat down and gave in. Which is nice, you know. Paul – silent, mysterious, handsome Paul. What can a girl say about that? Some random woman comes running up to him saying that she is a psychic and that aliens are taking over the world and he just takes it in stride.

As this was my first ‘alien’ book I was rather impressed. I don’t really have anything to compare it to but it was well researched (from what I could tell), well written and amazingly descriptive. Even though I didn’t get the chance to actually see the aliens in this one it was still an action packed and full of enough drama and romance to keep any girl happy.

The story line was rather fun. Some sexy banter, sexual frustration, general confusion and road trip to Sedona made for a fun story.  My only issue was that the ending felt a little rushed. There was a really big build up, a daring rescue and a bit of an anti-climatic end. I am however completely over looking it because there are two more books to look forward too. Yay Me!

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