Blitz: Scorched Treachery by Rebecca L Ethington

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Today we are hosting the blitz for Schorched Treachery by Rebecca L Ethington. It is the third book in the Imdalind Series and was released merely 2 weeks ago.


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Guest post by Rebecca:

Top 10 Favorite Books and Why

1.Angela’s Ashes – I found this book when I was in high school, I picked it up at a bookstore when on a church trip. I thought it looked good, but in some weird way, I saw my life mirrored in it. I have had a hard life growing up, and reading about another’s trials, and knowing that he made it through, and that I wasn’t alone was very big difference in my life.

2.Playing the Jack – Before e-readers I frequented a library about twice a week. I devoured books and I got to the point that I was just pulling books off of the shelf in the hopes that they were good. That was how I found this book. And I love it. It has been out of print for about twenty years, but I really believe that it deserves to see the light of day again. It was my first foray into historical fiction and probably put the idea of writing back into my mind.

3.Sideways Stories from Wayside School – This book was my first introduction into chapter books in second grade, at least the first book that I remember. I guess it made that much of an impact on me that it erased the memory of all previous chapter books. I love the humor and the craziness. I think this was the first time that I realized that I could get lost in a book. That feeling is so addicting.

4.MacBeth – I was in sixth grade and my school was putting on a Shakespearean festival, the play of choice was MacBeth – The Scottish Play – and I was determined to be cast as the lead. I memorized that monologue and climbed out a window to audition (I wasn’t allowed to audition) and snagged the lead. This may just seem like another bond with a show I had once performed; but it is so much more than that. This play was my first experience with Shakespeare. I think everyone remembers their first introduction to Shakespeare, be it good or bad. For me I remember how the words fell into my mind and stayed there, lingering to create worlds and images that I could only dream about. To me, Shakespeare was a magician.

5.Alice in Wonderland – When I was in third grade my teacher Ms. Flowers was in charge of the school play. And that year it was Alice in Wonderland. I was ecstatic. I devoured the book, twice, before auditions. Prepared a one line ‘monologue’ and was cast with the fifth graders as the Iris in the Flower garden. I read the book several times since then and when my first daughter was born I proudly named her Alice. I probably love Alice in Wonderland more for nostalgia sake. But I still love it.

7.Wizard of Oz – Everyone has a first book love, the book your parents read to you at night. This was mine.

8.Significance- Significance was my first introduction to indy publishing. My husband got me a Kindle for Christmas – he saved all year and so I was limited. If I remember the book was free or at .99 I bought it, and gobbled it up. I loved it, but what was more it put in the back of my head and when my sister dared me to publish Kiss of Fire, I knew what I was going to do.

9.The Sea of Tranquility – Not many recent reads are on this list – but this one definitely deserves to make it. It was so well written and well thought out. I think I read it twice, right in succession my desire to devour it was the high. I still recommend it to everyone.

10.I’m torn between something religious or a book that truly made my life better for number 10. I am not sure which one fits, so I will leave you with something I heard two nine year old discussing during a rehearsal in the late 90s. I’m not sure what book they were talking about but one small child said to the other “You should read it. That book changed my life.” I laughed at the time. But, even at ten books changed my life too.

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