Blitz: Matchpoint by Elise Sax

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It’s a busy day here today. On 27th of August I will join on the tour for Elise Sax’s Matchpoint. Today, however we are celebrating the release of the book with a fantastic guest post by the Author. First some deets on the book and its great creator.


You can see the trailer here.

author bio

elise-funny-225Connect with Elise:

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Guest Post Header

I’ve always wanted to be a writer. I wanted to sit in a luxurious, wood-paneled office, stuffed with books, wearing a flowing gown and wide-brimmed hat, writing with an antique quill pen on thick parchment paper. The words would flow onto the paper, effortlessly—I would hardly have to think as the story would take perfect form…perfectly.

I would break only for a café au lait, calls from my agent regarding million-dollar contracts that had to be signed, and fabulous fan letters. Then, I would stop for the evening, take a sail around the bay in my yacht, get a massage from my personal, live-in masseur, and finally fall asleep in my king-sized bed that I bought from—obviously—the Palace of Versailles.

I mean, looking at it this way, why wouldn’t everybody want to be a writer?!

But that’s not really my life as a writer. It’s true that I have a good bed, but it’s not from Versailles. I like my office, but there is no wood-panelling. I write on a computer that has a tendency to crash, taking years off my life. I wear sweatpants and pajamas when I write, and writing is excruciatingly hard (always).

When I take a break, it’s to procrastinate. I scan the entire internet, eat garbage…In fact, when the writing is hard, I would rather wash the floors than write. If my agent ever called for a million-dollar contract, I never got the call; there is no yacht, and alas, I have no Paolo in my life.

But I can’t stop writing. I mean, I love being a writer, and really no matter what, I will always write. There are too many stories bursting to come out of my brain, and too many characters who need to see the light of day.

I feel honored to be able to do it, thrilled that it’s my job, and humbled that there are people who actually want to read my stories.

So, I want to be a writer…the imagined, fantasy version of the writer and the real version of the writer. It’s all good.

Although, the yacht sounds pretty cool. And Paolo doesn’t sound half-bad, either

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