Review: The Italian’s Miracle Family by Lucy Gordon



Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads (Cover links to page)

Brooding Italian Drago di Luca and reserved lawyer Alysa Dennis are brought together by a shocking, shared betrayal–their late partners had been having an affair But against all the odds, they strike an unlikely friendship, and forbidden awareness simmers….
Alysa’s calm facade hides a painful secret that haunts her every time she looks into the soulful eyes of Drago’s motherless child. As the attraction builds between them, Christmas approaches with the promise of a new start. Can the healing miracle of love, and the joy of the season, make them a family.

Author: Lucy Gordon

Where did I get it: Local shop. Cheeeeeeap R100 for 3 books and each book contained 3 books. I mean really?!?!

Rating: 3 bookworms. At a stretch. I guess that’s what you get for cheap books.3 worms

Would I recommend it: Maybe’s.

My Review:

Alysa is completely destroyed after her long time boyfriend and father of her unborn child decides to leave her for another woman and then dies in a very tragic accident.  She tries to hide it, not only from herself but also the rest of the world. Until Drago enters. His wife ran of with Alysa’s beau and came to the same tragic ending. Leaving Drago without a wife and their lovely little girl without a mother.

I guess my biggest issue with the book is Alysa. She wasn’t such a great character. Maybe it is just cos I have not experienced what she has, but I could not manage to immerse myself in her as a character or the book due to her lacklustre emotions. Only later when she started acting more human did I really get into the book.

Now other then that, it was a really well written book. My heart broke for the Di Luca family. Especially Drago having to carry the burden of his unfaithful wife all by himself. It was a very sweet romance where even if both parties are reluctant to love and trust again true love still wins.


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