Review: Mummy for Christmas by Caroline Anderson



Synopsis Courtesy of Librarything (Cover links to page):

Specialist Kate Burgess is intrigued by her gorgeous new surgeon, James McEwan. He’s an undeniably talented doctor, but why is he always late for work? She soon discovers that he’s alone with two small children. Kate’s heartstrings are well and truly pulled, and when James finds himself temporarily homeless, Kate can’t stop herself from offering help.
James’s kids blossom with the love and support of Kate and her large extended family, and he just wishes she could be part of his. But does she really need them as much as they need her? If he asks her to marry him, maybe this Christmas all their dreams can come true!

Author: Caroline Anderson

Where did I get the book: Another one of those really cheap books from the shop

Rating: 5 Bookworms5 worms

Would I recommend it: Hells yes!

My Review:

James is everything that Kate does not want in a new employee. Late, disorganized and extremely mouth wateringly tempting. How is she supposed to remain objective with all these feelings running though her? James tries his best to keep his private life private while at the same time actually trying to pick up his life out of the ashes.

This was so much fun to read. I became entranced with the family dynamics in James’ life. I empathized with him and his children, but most of all his mother. She knew she had to be supportive, no matter how hard it was for her.

The characters imperfectness (is that even a word?) was what really made this a very enjoyable story. They all were amazingly flawed and had so many issues that one could not help but love them all to bits.

It was inspiring to see both Kate and James grow out of their insecurities and grow towards each other. I had so much fun reading this, laughing with them, and sometimes even crying along with them.

It’s a feel good read I would recommend to anyone.



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