REVIEW: Goddess’s Choice by Jamie Marchant



Synopsis as per Goodreads:

Samantha’s ability enables her to discern a person’s character through their multi-colored aura, and Robrek’s makes him the strongest healer the kingdom has seen in centuries. But their gifts also endanger their lives. Royals scheme to usurp the throne by marrying or killing Samantha, and priests plot to burn Robrek at the stake. Robrek escapes the priests only to be captured by Samantha’s arch-enemy, Duke Argblutal; Argblutal intends to force the princess to marry him by exploiting Robrek’s powers. To save their own lives and stop the realm from sinking into civil war, Robrek and Samantha must consolidate their powers and unite the people behind them

Author: Jamie Marchant

My Rating: 5 Bookworms (I would give it 6 if I could)5 worms

Where did I get it: From Ms Marchant

Would I recommend: YES!!

My review:

Once upon a time there was a fair princess. She was beautiful beyond words and headstrong above all else. Her loving father wished her to marry a wealthy noble that would stand her well once she ascends to the throne. Alas the poor princess did not wish to marry an old man that could never make her happy.

Little did she know this would be the least of her worries. In their kingdom unhappiness bred. Evil men wished to steal the throne and turn this peaceful kingdom into that of war and famine. However all was not lost.

In a small village not far from the kingdom’s capital a young peasant boy lived. He was hated by all around him as they feared his foreign appearance. They believed him to be the spawn of demons. So strong was their fear that he believed it himself. Until he was introduced to Mistress Myst. The herb witch that birthed him and was unable to save his mother. She finally told him of his true heritage. He learns to accept himself and those around him.

Will he become the man needed to save the princess and the kingdom? Only time will tell.

This was a fantastic fairytale. I loved every second of it. The author has an amazing talent for describing things completely foreign to me prior to the book. As she herself mentions the bards and the songs they sing I feel it only fitting to compare her book to these same tales sung until the end of time. I might be jumping the gun a bit but I honestly feel it to be as good as Eragon (which I really enjoyed by the way).

There was an amazing cast of characters and even though there was large number of people to keep track of I still found myself loving all of them. They were so complex and well created that I feel like I know them, that I fought their battles with them. I even mourn the death of some of the characters.

Even above the character building was the world creation. I was lost in the forest, amongst the horses in the stable.  I cuddled up in the chair in Myst’s cottage to watch the action unfold and I was lost in the darkness of every dungeon. And I myself was standing at the bottom of the pyramid rooting on the brave Bronze, Silver and Gold Knights. Wishing them well in their attempts.

I look forward to further work by Jamie Marchant and cannot wait to be immersed in her future worlds.


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