REVIEW: Jessie by Lori Wick



Synopsis as per Goodreads.

Token Creek — 1884
Jessie Wheeler knows how to take care of herself and her girls. The owner of Token Creek’s general store has been doing it for a long time—nearly eight years—since the day her husband walked out on her.
Seth Redding, Jessie’s husband, has done a lot of thinking in those years, some of it in a jail cell. Looking back on their marriage, he can’t believe he left Jessie and their baby. It was true that Jessie had her own way of doing things and could be hardheaded. But they had shared a special kind of love tool, at least early on. If only he’d known then what he knows now…
Seth is a changed man, but will he ever be able to show Jessie that? Will she even let him try?

Author: Lori Wick

Where did I get the book: Friendly Neighbourhood Bookstore

How do I rate this book: 3 Bookworms3 worms

Would I recommend it: Only to Christian readers. Non Christian’s might find it a bit awkward and uncomfortable.

My Review:

This is the third book in the series. No reviews available for Casey and Sabrina as they were pre-blog.

So it all starts off with Jessie just meeting Seth for the first time.  There is definite tension and sparks start flying.  One thing leads to another and they start their happily ever after. Until Seth decides he is not made for married life and runs off after his brother. He leaves Jessie to fend not only for herself but also their toddler and newborn. About 8 years later Seth returns, a changed man. Born again. He wants to make up for lost time and tries to win back the hearts of his family.

This is a very heart warming story, but I must fess up. I was not planning on enjoying it very much mainly due to the fact that I do not like romances where couples rediscover each other. I was surprised by how much I liked it. I did have a few issues with it though.

Firstly, there was too much going on. I liked hearing about characters from previous books, but only up to a certain point. It started to detract from the main story. It felt more like a place filler than anything of real importance.

I did enjoy how Ms Wick implemented the sermons and prayers into the story without making it feel overly Bible like.

It was an interesting story but by far not my favourite for the series.


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