Review: The Gatekeeper’s Challenge by Eva Pohler

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Synopsis as per Goodreads:

Ten agonizing months have gone by since Therese faced off against her parents’ murderer at Mount Olympus, and she suspects Thanatos’s absence is meant to send her a message: go on with your life. She tries to return Pete’s affections even though her heart aches for the god of death, but when Than shows up to take her hamster’s soul, she becomes infuriated when he says he’s “been busy.” In cahoots with her new friend, who’s gotten in with the Demon Druggies at school, Therese takes a drug that simulates a near-death experience, planning to tell Than off so she can have closure and move on, but things go very, very wrong.

Eventually she learns Than has been busy searching for a way to make her a god, and he’s found it, but it requires her to complete a set of impossible challenges designed by Hades, who hopes to see her fail.

 Author: Eva Pohler

How did I get the books: Thanks Eva! Just so we’re clear – You ROCK!

How do I rate this book: 5 (count them) Bookworms5 worms

Would I recommend it: Does a bear do his business in the woods??

My Review:

Therese, your everyday normal teen loses her parents and falls in love. With the god of Death. Yeah that’s pretty much where the normal ends and the FANTASTIC begins. Fantastically captivating challenges. Amazing characters and creatures. Enticing story telling.

Let me just say this first. This book was given to me for an honest review. I am not paid for it or compensated in ANY way.

The Good:

Therese is not perfect. She has issues and she makes mistakes (quite a few of them). She also gets to mingle with gods and has some of the most amazing gifts I have ever seen.

AND she gets to be with the HUNKY Than (well hopefully anyway).

The Not So Good:

Yeah there are some things that can be left out, some things that don’t really need to be mentioned but it is a story and sometimes these little mundane things are what make the story.

The Great:

I am in love with Pete, yeah Than is a great guy and he does some really amazing things, but Pete is the most selfless, perfect guys I have ever read. Yeah it is completely unrealistic and they don’t exist but it was a blast to read it. As with the first instalment of the trilogy I enjoyed the mythical creatures and the references to the gods. I can only begin to imagine the research that went into writing them.

Now if only, if only I could get my hands on the third one.


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