Review: Makeover Miracle by Charmaine Ross



Synopsis as per Goodreads:

Abbey Miller and her friend Jennifer have been picked from a live audience to take part in reality television show Makeover Miracle. This is Abbey’s worst nightmare, bringing back painful memories of being teased, bullied and the brunt of cruel jokes. The last thing Abbey wants is her soul to be laid bare for all Australians to see, but being the true friend she is,she agrees to help Jennifer, who desperately wants to change her life.

Quinn Campbell, the producer of Makeover Miracle can see Abbey crumbling live on stage,and after she vomits into a waste paper basket, goes to her aid, not expecting to see such a sad, haunted look in her eyes. There’s something about Abbey that reaches out to him. The look in her eyes brings back longburied memories of his sister and his failure to help her.

This is a story about one woman’s journey through emotional turmoil and the man who is able to make her believe in herself. Set against the beautiful Dandenong Ranges, Makeover Miracle is a story about forgiveness, understanding, personal growth and, of course, falling in love with that one special person.

Author: Charmaine Ross

Where did I get it: Thank you NetGalley

How do I rate it: 4 bookworms4 worms

Would I recommend it: If you like fluff reads, hells yes.

My Review:

Abbey is your stereotypical wall flower. She went her whole life living under the radar with her best friend Jennifer. Until Jennifer convinces her to enter into the Makeover Miracle TV show and they actually make it! All of a sudden Abbey is in the limelight and has to learn how to cope, not only with the attention of thousands of Television watchers but also that of the hunky Quinn. Quinn has his own demons to fight but cannot stop thinking about the voluptuous red head that has turned his life upside down.

The Good:

If you are in the mood for a fluff read, this is what I recommend you pick up. I finished it in one sitting and felt ridiculously happy afterwards. Abbey learns to stand up for herself and realises that maybe she isn’t so ugly after all.

The Bad:

I would have loved to give this book 5 bookworms L. Alas the ending ruined it for me. The story had great pace and excellent writing, but all of a sudden in the wrap up it fell flat. It felt very unrealistic and fake.

The Great:

I really like the concept of the book. The following of a reality TV show isn’t something I have read before. I enjoyed the uniqueness of it.

All in all quite a happy read.

As always Happy Blogging J


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