Throwback Thursdays – If Tomorrow Comes


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Here’s how it works:

Pick any media (or non-media item) released more than 5 years ago. Remember to keep it book-related!
Write up a short summary (include the title, author, and cover art, if applicable) and an explanation of why you love it.
Link up your post at The Housework Can Wait or Never Too Fond of Books.
Visit as many blogs as you can, reminisce about books you loved, and discover some “new” books for your TBR list – or some other classic!

This is my Pick


Why I picked it: It is the kind of book and reread time and time again. Tracy is an amazing character who was knocked down so low I was convinced she wouldn’t make it back up.

BUT then she not only stood back up, but then took out everyone one who pushed her down to start with. She then becomes a kick as, international art thief, and falls in love with a con artist to boot. Its fast, fantastic and hard to put down. You get to travel the globe, become a criminal and kick ass. I don’t see anything wrong with it at all.


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