Cold Blooded by Bernard Lee DeLeo


Synopsis as per Goodreads

Nick McCarty decides after ten years of black ops assassinations it’s time for a change. Against the wishes of his shadow government bosses he has inexplicably managed to become a bestselling author with a string of novels about an assassin named Diego. The novels have made him world famous and provided a cover for his overseas sanctions. He bought a beautiful place in Pacific Grove, California near the ocean where he treks down to his favorite spot at Otter’s Point every morning he’s not away on assignment. But Nick feels something’s missing.

A sometime employer Nick takes on sanctions from when they coincide with the wishes of his government sponsors orders the death of a woman in the witness protection program. Nick sees something in the woman’s picture reminding him of someone he knew long ago. After a brief journey up to the restaurant in Northern California where his potential target, Rachel Hunter, works as a waitress, Nick makes a decision to alter his lifestyle. Hayden Tanus, the CEO of Tanus Import/Export looks out the window of his plush office on the Upper East Side of Manhattan wondering briefly if Rachel Hunter was finally dead. The fifty caliber bullet made a small hole in his window and a large one as it exited his head.

In the following days, playing the role of famous author doing research for his new novel, Nick enters Rachel’s life. He inadvertently triggers an unforeseen chain of events launching him in a cross country flight with Rachel, her daughter Jean, and Deke the dog. Rachel has secrets. The people still wanting her dead are about to find out a cold blooded killer now stands in their way and body counts mean absolutely nothing to him.

Author: Bernard Lee DeLeo
How I got the book: From the Author – Thanks Bernard
How do I rate this book: 5 stars (yes, yes *GASP* another 5 stars book- but if its good its good)
Recommend it?: Yes, Yes and Yes again.

My Review:

Nick is psychopathic COLD BLOODED killer who suddenly decides to break protocol and protect one of his targets. All of a sudden he finds he has grown a conscience in the form of a 7 year old girl and her mother. Soon he not only falls in love with Rachel his original target but also becomes a pseudo dad to Jean. And lets not forget Deke, the ever present guard dog!

We follow them on a journey across the states, figuring out where their future lies and leaving a trail of bodies behind.

The Good:

The Details (yes I capitalised because they are that good). I have read a few second rate thrillers where the good guy just does not come off as such a good guy because there are so many details missing or incorrect. Bernard seemed to think of all of them.
The jokes. It’s by far not a funny book. But the repertoire between the characters is pretty amazing.

The Not So Good:

This is not a something that is wrong with the book, or the story or anything – it is just personal preference – Jean is 7 years old and exposed to a lot. They try to keep her shielded from it, but she does see bodies and some action and I didn’t like it all that much. Once again – nothing wrong with the book because it is not like a 7 year old is going to pick it up and start reading, and in reality kids get exposed to a lot of things, sometimes worse then this. I just don’t like thinking about it.

The Great:

This might not be such a big deal to everyone else – but – I am not a fan of books like this one in general. I do not go all out for the blood, gore and action. And if I do, it has to have a lot of the gooey love type stuff in it too. Bernard DeLeo has now made me a fan of this genre. Even though there wasn’t a lot of romancing and happiness I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was in suspense for most of the book, my heart racing in fear for the characters. I kept on seeing double crosses everywhere.

Should you feel interested a interview with the author can be found here:

And further, as I highly recommend the title herewith the buy link:


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