Beautiful Blogger Award!!!


I would like to thank Antonia and Amanda at Classy as Fuck book reviews ( ) for this award.

It is my second award in as many weeks and I cannot even begin to explain how ecstatic this makes me.

The rules work as follows:

You are to copy the logo onto your post, Thank the people who nominated you. Then please tell us 7 things about you. You may then nominate 7 people for the award.

Seven things about this blogger

1. I cannot start the work day with out my coffee – yet I only have one cup a day
2. Reading is what makes my world go round. I could read in two languages by the age of 6.
3. I am a big animal lover and am getting a new puppy in a month or so… Very excited as I was not allowed one due to restrictions from the landlord.
4. I have a serious problem when reading series. I find it hard to read anything else until I have read all the books in that series. (waiting for release dates nearly kill me)
5. I have a weakness for calenders. I have 4 different ones on my desk at this moment.
6. I blog on the sly. (please do not tell my boss)
7. My best friends name is Google. He knows everything and he likes sharing all his knowledge with me. In fact I hardly write anything without asking his advise on the matter.

Now for my nominations….


And as always

Happy Blogging


8 thoughts on “Beautiful Blogger Award!!!

  1. Regarding #4 in your Seven Things About This Blogger, I would like to personally apologize to you, as Hearth: Return won’t be out until at least May. I am working hard on it! By the way, not sure what kind of dog you’re getting, but my Shih-Tzu Princess is a fantastic writing companion and offers great writing advice in the form of sighs, snorts, licks, and all-around love!

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  4. Congratulations. I’ve been catching up on your insightful reviews. You have a talent for reviewing. It’s not as easy as people think. Book Trailers Showcase has a terrific monthly e-mag. They are always looking for good reviewers and bloggers. I will e-mail you their link for your consideration.

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