Vallidin – J.R Brule


When reading to review I promise to be honest but fair. This is how I will review this book.

How did I get it: from the Author
How long did it take me to read: Nearly two weeks (which is rather long for me)
How many stars do I give it: 3

Vallidin is a story with great potential. It is not yet ready for literature fame, but with work it could be fantastic.

Good news: Vallidin is a fantastic character. I connected with him, in a way I could not connect with other characters in the book. He makes an excellent hero. He isn’t perfect, but that is what I like about him. J.R Brule is also quite adapt at making me see where were travelling (albeit at times the travel was rather short lived). I had excellent flashes of the eating hall (here comes a SPOILER) where Vallidin killed the crazy king. And when Ariyana travelled to see the Ice Witch I could feel the bite of the cold on my skin. I enjoyed Vallidin’s chase to save the damsel in distress. To win Ariyana her freedom.

Bad news: For me it was too similar to other novels I have read previously. I kept on drawing comparisons with the story line and some of the characters. I found it difficult to work my way through the stop – start motion of the shorter sentences. As a result it took me a bit longer then normally to read the book.

The not so good, not so bad news: If your not a book snob, and not all together full of it you will enjoy the book. It is remarkably pleasant and enjoyable.


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