Key of Valor (The Key Trilogy #3)

Cover Art

Cover Art

Author: Nora Roberts.

Synopsis as on Goodreads

Zoe McCourt’s new friends and business partners Mallory Price and Dana Steele have already found two keys to the legendary Box of Souls. Now it is Zoe’s turn to locate the final key needed to free up the souls of the Daughters of Glass, three Celtic demigoddesses imprisoned by an evil sorcerer. Even though Mallory and Dana both found the help of a man to be important to the completion of their portions of the quest, Zoe, a single mother used to doing things for herself, is determined that for her, things will be different. But destiny seems to have other ideas in mind for Zoe because every time she turns around, Bradley “Brad” Charles Vane IV is waiting to lend a hand. With Zoe’s tale, Roberts brings her delectable new fantasy-tinged trilogy to a superb conclusion, presenting yet another excellent example of this exceptional writer’s skills at blending myth, magic, and romance.

My Review

I am finding it hard to review this book fairly, as I find when reading Trilogies I am always so excited and relieved to finally reach the last book. I can say I enjoyed the book.I can also say it was a fitting end to a great trilogy but somehow I did not connect with Zoe and Brad as I did with the other two couples. And to be perfectly honest I expected a little bit more action from courageous Zoe.

That said.

It is a quest and lets face it no quest is sunshine all the way. It takes a bit of determination. And pushing through even when it gets a bit hard has its reward. I loved the ending to story. I loved that only Zoe could take the last step. And I was beyond excited with Rowena and Pitte being let back beyond the curtain (they turned out to be my favorite characters in the trilogy).


3 thoughts on “Key of Valor (The Key Trilogy #3)

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