Foxblood – A Brush with the Moon


When I first started the book and got introduced to the weird arrangement of characters I wasn’t sure what to think. Sophie is an amazingly complex character but I sometimes felt that she did not really process what was happening to her. I mean if you could heal people and ‘trip’ from one place to another and your boyfriend turned out to be a werewolf wouldn’t you wig out a bit?

And Seb. Oh my Seb. I had a serious love hate relationship with him through out the book. I love how tender he is with Soph, and how much he ‘seems’ to be into her, but he is very neglectful and who just leaves there girlfriend for like ever without saying goodbye??

But by far Connor is my favourite character, and I feel the most undervalued one in the book. I would love to have known more about him, but then again I think if Raquel elaborated on him, I would have loved him less.

The story line was highly addictive. I found that I could not put the book down, and just had to know what was happening. I did however feel at times like it jumped along rather quickly. I enjoyed how blasé the whole paranormal part turned out to be; As according to Sebs dad – there are millions of them around the world – who knew?? It makes me feel like it could really be like that and also made me look at all the ‘funky’ people in my life and wondering if they could just maybe be a paranormal.

Over all a fun read that I would recommend to anyone who likes the paranormal in life.


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